In the unfortunate instance of an accident, please follow these steps:

  1. Stop driving.
    Make sure there are no injuries. If you aren’t sure, call for emergency help right away.
  2. Call the police.
    Even if it is a minor collision, call the police to file a report.
  3. Exchange information with the other DRIVER.
    Contact information with everyone involved including:
    Name, Address, Email and Phone Number.
  4. Exchange vehicle information.
    Insurance Carrier & Policy Number, License Plate Number, Year, Make, Model, State
  5. Gather information from any witnesses at the scene.
    Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email
  6. Take pictures.
    Use your cell phone to take pictures of all vehicles involved at the time of the accident.
  7. If a police officer is present:
    Make sure the officer gives you a police information slip that includes his or her name, precinct information and the precinct phone number.
  8. Call the Base/Office IMMEDIATELY
    (718) 392-4600

Helpful Numbers

Medallion Drivers
(718) 392-4600 ex. 1 or danny@unitedtaxiny.com or keyon@unitedtaxiny.com

(718) 392-4600 ex. 2 or sherry@unitedtaxiny.com

(718) 392-4600 ex. 3 or rohima@unitedtaxiny.com

Medallion Owners
(718) 392-4600 ex. 4 or savas@unitedtaxiny.com

(718) 392-4600 ex. 5 or rudy@unitedtaxiny.com

Customer Service
(718) 392-4600 ex. 1 or danny@unitedtaxiny.com or keyon@unitedtaxiny.com

Mechanic Shop